"Hello kid, who would you want to be as a grown up? I want to be an engineer. How about you, kid? I'd love to be a doctor!" I'm pretty sure we are all familiar with this question and the answers we gave as kids.

It's true that as kids, we tend to have different dreams compared to our career path now, but could it really be due to the fact that you are grown and now have a different perspective about the world or it's due to your inability to work towards your actual dream for life?

We see various statistics these days that indicate how many of us are frustrated with our jobs. How many of us so much hate our work that if given another opportunity, we would make a serious career change in a heartbeat.

In the light of this, I'm tempted to ask; are you doing what you love? Are you deriving the kind of satisfaction you dreamed of as a kid? Anything otherwise, you are probably still slaving yourself for money.

The definition of success is relative. However, you need to know that it starts with your mindset as there are certain ways you need to think if you truly intend to build a great career. Whether you would love to be self-employed, a head staff of a major corporation or an entrepreneur, there are certain choices you need to make.

There are certain decisions to you need to put in place. There are certain steps you need to take every day that will help bring you closer to achieving that dream.

Achieving great things does not end with just thinking about it or saying it. Having that dream most times, means nothing till you start working towards bringing it to reality.

Common reasons why you aren't living your dream

It's true that you might actually have a valid reason why you are still slaving away on your current job but how solid is your reason? Are you sure your reason is not just another excuse? Or could it be as a result of procrastination?

This is the time to take a deep breath and think a bit about your career compared to what you really would love to be doing right now.

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Your dream is limited in profits – Most people do miserable jobs just for the pay. Some dreams are great but are very limited in the revenue pulling power that you wouldn't want to do it except you are ready to live on a small pay-check.

This means, in as much as you would love to be a security officer, you would rather be an engineer in order to make more money. You would be happier as a security officer but just want to make more money.

Well, you need to know that your happiness matters most. You also need to know that you will be more productive when you are happy.

Has it ever occurred to you that you could create an automated income stream to get you the money you need while doing what you love? Have you ever thought of investing somewhere else to generate the kind of revenue you need?


You lack the proper skillset – You love it but can't really do it since you lack the proper training to get it done. Yes, the job position requires you to be proficient in Corel Draw but you still don't know the first thing about designing anything on it.

You are a complete novice with it. You probably already tried learning it but you just don't seem to understand how it works and right now, it's about to cost you your dream job.

You are about to give up on achieving that dream you had as a teenager. Hello? Do you want to be that old man who does nothing but wallow in regret every day about what he could have achieved?

Then, you need to get that proper training now. Don't give up on it. Just keep your mind on the goal. Always remember what you stand to gain when you get that skill.

Inappropriate circumstances – You lack the funds. Maybe you would love to be a doctor but medicine schools are too expensive for you or you are disabled. Perhaps, you lost a leg due to an accident and that automatically crossed soccer off your to-do list.

Some people find themselves in a difficult situation that leaves them thinking 'oh, my life is over. I can't be that star anymore. Perhaps, it wasn't my destiny after-all.' What situation are you in right now?

What makes you think it's impossible to achieve your dream in your current situation? Even if you think someone in your situation can't achieve that dream, what is stopping you from changing the situation? If you don't do something about it, you may never get what you want!

Not being brave enough – You would so much love to fly planes but you are really scared of height. You aren't alone. Being a pilot can be cool but how many persons can actually handle looking down from the sky, realizing that a single mistake can end their life and still manage to land safely?

That panic is natural but you need to learn how to face your fears. That's the only way you can overcome it. Sometimes, such limitations are only in your mind.

Maybe you could actually do it if you set your mind on it. Most times, you only need that little push to get it done. The best way to know how good you would be, at doing something, is by doing it.

Fear of failure – Sometimes, what holds us back is that little fear of failing at our attempt to achieve our dream.

A lot more people would have loved to own businesses but are afraid of losing their life savings if it should fail, while others actually have some great ideas about some inventions to bring into existence but completely lack the courage to even get started because they are afraid they might not succeed at it.

Well, since you haven't done it, how certain are you that it will fail? Even if you have tried it before and failed at it, how are you sure you won't get it this time?

You only become a failure when you quit! Consider joining me on every new step I take in setting up a fresh entertainment company without capital.

Societal or religious values – What will people say? This question has killed more dreams than we can count. Could it be that your community or religion frowns heavily on your kind of dream?

Maybe it's the fact that your dream job requires you to work on Sunday but you are a real Christian and you just don't see yourself doing that. However, you are miserable at your current job and every day, you see yourself wishing you took the better job.

Well, it's your life we are talking about here. You are here to make a living for yourself. No one will feed you if you don't. And you too, deserve to be happy.

You are not here to please everyone. As long as you aren't committing a crime, I see no reason why you shouldn't chase your dream. Have you thought of moving to a different community where they will accept you?

Remember that the society didn't favour many inventors when they were starting out differently but today, they are being celebrated all over the world. When you do something great, the society will learn to accept you.

You need to work on your career if;

You wake up in the morning and feel tired the moment you remember you ought to go to work. If you see yourself doing better in another profession. If you happen to wish for a better life. If you usually dream of achieving something bigger.

The list is endless but I'm sure you have gotten my point by now. There are many ways to work on building a better career and getting that dream job but most times, the limitation is only in your thoughts.

The moment you set your mind to making some changes in your life, there will be no boundary on the level of success you could achieve when you work towards achieving it. 

Now, let's take a look at you, to see how much more effort you need to apply to your life goals. Pray tell, are you where you actually want to be (career wise)? If you are, praise the living Lord! If otherwise, then let's fix it.

Identify your desired career goal – At first, you need to figure out what triggers your joy. What would you rather be doing with your life right now? A lawyer? How about a Geologist? Would you prefer to be a musician?

Would that make you happy? Do you really have the zeal for it? There is a difference between admiring a job and loving a job. In choosing a career, you really need to have the passion for it.

Anything otherwise, you would be unsatisfied with it and you might end up biting your lips and wishing you chose something else.

Prioritize your objectives – After sorting out what you want to do with your life, the next step is to start making the plans on how to switch to that career as soon as possible.

It's never too late to start over. Starting something new is actually very exciting. So, go ahead to set your priorities straight. How do you get that better job or how do you start your own business?

When do you plan to start? When do you hope to quit your current career? Make all necessary plans and add them to your to-do list now.

Lay the foundations – Now, you should start putting everything in place according to your to-do list. Start working on the objectives and start carrying out all necessary steps to achieving your goal.

For instance, if your plan was to go into the real estate business, you should start making enquiries on landed properties, researching details about your real estate industry, gathering funds for financing the projects etc.

Get your trophy – Once all 'T's have been crossed and all resources have been gathered, then you have no more reason to remain in your current career path.

This is to say, if you simply just want to switch from the financial sector to the manufacturing sector, by now you should have acquired all necessary skills and probably gotten an offer letter and equipped for the journey ahead.

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The right career path is;

That career that you are passionate about. That is the career path you ought to be on right now. Anything otherwise, you should really start laying the foundations for a career switch.

In choosing the right career, there are certain things you need to consider but as mentioned earlier money really shouldn't be your main purpose of choosing a career because your satisfaction in the career path is what matters most.

You shouldn't be miserable in the name of making money. Besides, you can always make money through other means while maintaining your desired career path.

Satisfactory tasks – When you derive satisfaction from your job, you are in the right career. Any task that leaves you drained is a terrible job but at the end of the day, it boils down to how successful the task was.

For instance, writing this articles for Ghavoch could really be time-consuming especially since I have many other things to do but I do derive joy from sharing my tips with others and that gets me satisfied each time I complete a good post. This makes me happy.

Freedom – When you have enough time to spend with your family and loved ones, you will find yourself appreciating your career path.

A career that offers you enough freedom to do things other than work yourself to death, is a good career. But then again, not everyone cares about this.

Some people actually want to work more and believe me, once you start doing what you love, you wouldn't mind spending more time on it too. What really matters is that you like what you do.

Security – This doesn't end with finances but also includes that sense of safety. When you can afford to take some time off with no fear of losing your job or going broke, you begin to notice how great the career path is.

This also involves those jobs that have a lower rate of accidents. Some people jump into the military due to unavailability of jobs in other sectors and start making complaints.

Well, if you can't do the job, please find what you can handle. There's always going to be something you would rather do.

Overall, not everyone is interested in the above (satisfaction, freedom, security) and not all career paths can provide them but since we all have our likes and dislikes, I'm sure there are many people who would be happier doing that job that makes you miserable.

All we have to do is switch careers with those who really need it for something better for ourselves. Now that you have chosen a better career path, you will need to learn how to build the career successfully. Here are some tips for you.