Content Guidelines.


Please find below, the checklist for publishing your article. You are advised to adhere to these contributor's guidelines all through your post submissions on Ghavoch.


There are several reasons you will love writing for Ghavoch.

For starters, you are not just a guest but treated as a recognized member of the community with a section to manage your posts and interactions.

The fact that you get rewarded (with cash gifts and more) for every great post is another reason.

If you are new, I'm still very willing to showcase you and feature your articles as long as it's beneficial to Ghavoch's members

but there are quite a few more things to consider for your submission to be successful.



Submission Criteria

  • You must upload a clear closeup photo on your Ghavoch profile.

  • Your Profile details must not contain a maximum of 2 links to your website and social account.

  • Your profile must have a well-written bio that truly represents you.

  • Before writing, make sure there is no similar article on Ghavoch already.

  • If you wish to rewrite a topic already published on Ghavoch, pitch the concept here first.

  • You must spend some time, read, comment and interact on Ghavoch before sending in an article.


Article Requirement

  • Your article must be relevant and within Ghavoch's scope of topics.

  • Your content must be focused on Ghavoch's primary subjects (Make Money, Career, Freelance, Business or Entrepreneurship).

  • Your article must be written in good English. Proofread and correct all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

  • Contents must be verifiable facts or tested opinions from a solid experience - No speculations.

  • Your article must be informative, educative, captivating and engaging for Ghavoch members.

  • Your links must not lead to a product, paid services or your sales page.

  • Your article must include at least 4 links pointing to related internal articles.

  • You must utilize a solid longtail Focus Keyword in your content for SEO purposes.

  • Your article must include a good copyright-free cover/feature image, at least.

  • Your article must use the same layout structure with Ghavoch's current articles.

  • Your article must be at least 1,500 words long with an introductory paragraph.


Article Checklist

  • Any article written for promotional purposes will not be published.

  • Any article that attracts bad rating from members will be removed.

  • Any article containing more than 2 external links will be rejected automatically.

  • Your article must be unique and remain exclusive to Ghavoch.

  • If your article must be copied elsewhere, it should link to Ghavoch as the source.

  • Ensure you are the writer and owner of every article you send it.

  • You must try to be thorough on any topic you are writing on. Cover many areas!



Terms and agreement

  • I reserve the right to edit or unpublish your article without prior warning.

  • You accept to properly respond to all comments on your article.

  • You are liable for any disputes resulting from the contents of your article.

  • You agree to take full responsibility for any copyright variation or plagiarism issues concerning any content you publish on Ghavoch. 

  • Every post on Ghavoch gets reviewed and the author scrutinized thoroughly so if you do not meet these criteria, do not bother sending in your article.

  • There is no guarantee that you will be paid after each post as the basis for issuing out rewards depends on a lot of factors. Reward ranges from $20 - $200. To qualify for a $200 reward, your article must be very detailed and over 4,000 words long.


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