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Success starts with your mindset, here's why


How to be successful? You need the right mindset. The question; "How do I get successful?" is perhaps the most asked question when it comes to building a career.

In fact, I've been asked this very question countless times by several success-seeking individuals and entities.

I have also observed how enthused these people are, as they usually seek the answer as though their life depends on it. 

However, these same people have failed to understand that there's no particular formula for success.

Now before you go thinking that I've decided to keep it a secret, the road to success is actually a very clear one but this road is rarely used due to people's inability to be unique,

to be creative, to be courageous, to be persistent or even to be good at implementing good ideas.

All you really need is the right mindset. Success, as we know, starts in the mind. To be successful, all you really need to do is change the way you think.

People only get wealthy when they have the mentality of the wealthy. To be rich, you need to think like the rich. How do you usually think?

  • --- Are you among those who think the government should be taking care of them?

  • --- Do you think the world owes you? Or perhaps, that you are suffering because your parents didn't work hard enough to solve all your financial problems?

  • --- Are you among the religious folks who will rather pray than work? Do you also think God is out to take care of you?

Well, I'm happy to tell you now that these thoughts are actually the cause of your woes. If you are religious,

you need to know that God has given you the strength and abilities to achieve whatever you want in your life.

We all have what it takes to become who we want to be and to be frank, only a very few percents of us are tapping into these abilities and the rest are simply still waiting on God, the government, friends or family to feed and clothe them.

To be successful, you need to adjust this mentality. Now, I'm not saying the government is not to be held accountable for not improving the standard of living for the society but pray tell,

if your definition of success, is to be an award winner in music, is it the job of the government to write, record and promote some great songs for you?

The job of the government is to provide basic amenities, infrastructures, security, good policies etc. which might just create a few jobs. It is, however, your duty to fend for yourself.

Also, you need to know that it's a lot easier to be successful when you are doing what you love. Start by choosing the right career path.

When people sit at home and say there's no job, I often wonder. What stops them from creating one? 

Besides, don't you know if you are very equipped with the right skill-set and you market yourself properly to even companies with limited job positions, you are most likely going to get a job.

That is if you are really an asset. At the end of the day, it depends on your mindset. Are you already limiting yourself by thinking you are not good enough to get that dream job? Or do you think you are too good for it?

Either way, you should always cease every opportunity to improve yourself and you should be willing to go out there and get what you want. 

If you keep waiting for other people to do things for you, you will be living on people's terms and you may never go far in life.

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How to build a successful career- the right way

Most people actually have big dreams they hope to achieve in life. Okay, maybe not so much big of a dream (like ruling the world) but scanning through most people, you will discover that a lot of them would actually want to get to the top of their ca...

Smart work vs. hard work. Here’s the real difference

Every day while minding our businesses, we always come across some self-claimed motivational speakers screaming:

You need to be accountable for your actions. You need to make the decision and work towards achieving your goal. Only you can determine your level of success.

I'm saying this because with the wrong mentality, even when given a million dollars, you will likely squander it and return to square one like the prodigal son. We've seen cases like that severally.

For instance, do you know that tens of people win millions of dollars in the lottery every year? Now, how come, we don't see new corporations being launched by these individuals? 

As a matter of fact, most of them end up broke again, after a few months. When you have the wrong mindset that is slow, narrow and capped, you will be short-sighted with no actual vision for life.

Also, if you give up easily, you let people's negative words get to you too often, you can't make decisions for yourself and stick with it,

you have no real financial education, or you usually think some things are impossible to achieve, then you are certainly going to be a lot less successful than that wretched church rat!

It's also important to be able to analyze and spot the difference between what will work or not, to prevent you from wasting too much time on unprofitable ventures.

--- People who ignore opportunities even when presented with one usually remain poor all their life.

--- People who grab any opportunity they come across always end up in the middle class.

--- The real successful people who are usually rich/wealthy don't even wait for the opportunities to come. They are always out there creating great opportunities even in negative situations.

The word 'Success' is relative since this depends on the success seeking individual. Some people define their success as getting recognized in the society,

winning a noble prize, holding a good public office or perhaps being a public figure, while others are more concerned about the amount of money they are able to generate.

Well, in as much as this article is about being successful financially, these same tips apply to whatever level of success you wish to attain. 

If you truly intend to be successful;

-Learn to look above what the average person sees. To do this, you need to pay great attention to every detail especially when it comes to career issues. You need to be very observant in every situation.

You need to be able to notice everything happening around you in your environment. You need to be able to find opportunities even in negative situations.

For instance, now that the Nigerian Naira has lost almost N350 values to a US Dollar, most people are looking at it like a bad omen.

Well, it's terrible but believe me, there are many people turning this into an income stream.

In fact, now's the best time to create a solution online and profit from it massively if you are in Nigeria. Here's how to create a profitable membership website like Ghavoch.

-Stand out from the crowd. In as much as we need followers in the society, you need to know that all respected successful people are leaders and you too must learn to lead.

So, get up, leave your comfort zone, take up that leadership role in your workplace, community,

neighbourhood or religious centre and make it a challenge to handle some extra responsibilities which will, in turn, get you in the spotlight.

-Broaden your network. All successful people are good with people and have mastered the habit of networking with other great men and meeting people that matter.

You can't make millions on your own.Get started by changing your current circle and begin to mingle and walk among great people who are moving in the same direction as you.

Joining a social, leisure or business club, becoming part of something. You need to attend conferences, galas, or ceremonies of the rich and powerful.

-Read and start asking questions. You don't just accept whatever you are told. Begin to wonder why things work the way they do.

Forget whatever you were taught in school and church, and begin to understand that your destiny is in your hands.

You were perhaps taught in school to be a professional who will probably end up as a good employee in other people's establishments.

Well, starting from now, you have to understand that you may grow rich but will never be wealthy working as an employee for a company without creating another (or more) recurring income stream.

Don't leave your life pleasing someone in the hope of getting promoted when we both know you too could be the one promoting others.

Also, you might have been told in your religious centre that God will bless you with you all want (including riches) when you serve him right

but I'm telling you right now that these are nothing but just fabricated fantasies to keep you coming back.

Riches don't fall from heaven. People build their wealth through creativity and smart work. All you need to succeed have already been given to you by your creator, so utilize it and stop waiting endlessly for a miracle that will never come.

-Learn to have self-confidence. Do you know what happens when you are building something you don't really believe you can achieve?

Well, you get tired easily and give up once you hit little dead ends because you didn't even believe you would be able to do it at first.

Deadlines are usually just little obstacles which are there to challenge your confidence in your work.

The mind is a really powerful tool which can build empires but could also turn great nations to ashes.

How you use it will determine how financially successful you will be. You need to know that you can achieve whatever you think you can as long as you have your mind set on doing it.

Don't let anyone stop you from dreaming big but always have a realistic dream which is achievable and you have to believe and work on actualizing these dreams otherwise you will die a wretched dreamer.

-You need patience and perseverance. Now, do not mistake this patience for waiting for things to happen. The patient dog eats the fattest bone because the smart dogs have eaten the flesh.

However, you have to understand that no one gets rich overnight. Wealth creation is done with some persistent effort and it certainly takes some time. There's never been a shortcut to success.

Every great man of today went through some form of difficulties while building their empire before getting there.

You only become a failure when you quit. If you are an entrepreneur, here is the checklist for starting and running a successful business effectively.

Financial Education 101

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-Stop blaming people for your problems and start taking responsibility in your life. Yes, your parents didn't work hard enough to provide you with the capital you need or perhaps, you lost a huge promotion due to your colleague's inability to submit your project report on time.

Welcome to planet earth. The place where you should only rely on yourself. You are the only one responsible for how your life will turn out to be. Stop blaming people and take action towards your goal.

Do not let anyone hold you down. Learn to move on quickly. We have a very brief stay here on earth so, why waste the little time you have crying over things you that 'could have been'?

-You have to stop giving excuses. If you really want to get something done, you will (no matter the circumstance) otherwise, you will find an excuse as to why you couldn't do it. Excuses are for lazy and unserious people.

This is also the habit of people known for procrastination which is the major reason most people never get far in life.

You keep postponing things that could help your career today for silly reasons. "I'm unable to start my business due to my lack of capital" 

Then, why not find a way to raise the capital? Why not find a way to partner with someone capable of funding the project? You will only get where you want in life when you get up and work towards it.

Life doesn't get better by chance but by choice. Have you chosen to have a better life? Then, enough with your silly excuses and start working towards achieving your goal.

-Learn to be quick at implementing good ideas. Time management and goals prioritization are golden. Procrastination is never the habit of someone who is building an empire. Here are top four habits of exceptional productive people.

Okay, now you have a great idea that could give you the success you need and you really intend to work on it but it's been months or perhaps, years.

Then, you have to know that you may never get where you want till you work on that idea and to do that, 

you must learn to be quick at taking action and I tell you this from experience as well as I have observed this to be the habit of all successful people I have been with.

Do that stuff now because tomorrow might be too late. You also need to understand that if you don't launch your project on time, 

a competitor will emerge and probably take your market as well as launching a bad product won't win you many fans so you need to be good at creating quality products under a fixed period of time.

-Learn to focus on the positive side of life. You must understand that there will be obstacles along the way and none is a curse but just a normal life-way of making you wiser. You must also be willing to accept critics with an open mind because it will help you grow!

People need to constantly remind you of what you are doing right or wrong but you don't need anyone's approval for doing what is right! You also need to separate yourself from negative people.

If you have friends who are only good at saying; 'It's impossible!''It can't be done.'Or 'You can't do it!', these are self-limiting words that you should avoid like a plague. Nothing! and I repeat, nothing is impossible on planet earth!

You should as of now, minimize the amount of time you spend with such friends (That is if you must spend time with them). Otherwise, you need to help them, to be able to also see the world positively like you.

You need to be careful about the kind of people you spend time with since some people are only out there to bring you down. If possible change your circle of friends completely.

Only be with those who want to see you improve. Especially the ones moving in the same direction as you.

For instance, if you want to do business, then you need to make more friends with business oriented people!

-Learn to create your own path. Never kill your dreams by trying too hard to blend into the society.

Once you achieve your goals, the society will learn to accept you. All great men are known for doing something unique and you too must learn to create a path for your greatness.

And by this, I'm not exactly saying you must invent something. If you can't do such great things, then do your little things in a great way. How do you turn your little project to something great?

You simply ensure you love what you do which will, in turn, make you handle it with such great attention that has the power to help you notice every tiny detail and erase unnecessary errors from your products.

Affiliate marketing remains a goldmine – Here’s how to make money from affiliate programs.

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30 inline practical interview success tips for every job seeker.

As the years go by, the professional world evolves and interviewers toughen up but it's highly unlikely that the question of how to ace a job interview and leave a lasting impression on the recruiters will ever lose its relevancy.  This is becau...

-Be willing to learn new things every day. The best teachers are great learners. Note that this is limited to teachers.

In fact, the greatest men that ever lived on earth were people who have learned enough to be able to lead and standout. 

You may want to follow my financial education series to equip yourself with the knowledge of how money works.

This learning doesn't necessarily have to be a formal education. In most cases, these men explored (not necessary by travelling around) the world on their own, studying various things that mostly started out of their curiosity.

Imagine if Thomas Edison wasn't curious about electricity, he wouldn't have observed, studied, tested and produced the electric bulb. 

You need to build that curiosity in you that will make you want to find out why things work the way they do.

These men were very open-minded and people tend to be more open-minded through exposure to more people and things around the world,

reading several books to learn from other people's experience, through dedicated research on the world as it is.

Once you can fully understand most people, cultures, religions, science and technologies, you will be amazed how much your eyes will see compared to the average person, 

how much you can tolerate, how fast you will be able to move on, and most importantly, how much possibilities you will see in the world.

And once you are able to spot and work on possibilities easily, achieving something great will be a lot easier. Overall, you must seize every opportunity to learn. 

If possible, learn new things and get fresh quality information every day! Here are over 64 marketable skills to learn and utilize.

-Learn to be courageous.There's always going to be that little but powerful fear in our mind that questions the success of our goal. Questions like, what if it doesn't work out? Well, let me ask you my own question.

If you don't do it, how will you know if it was going to work out or not? Bravery isn't the absence of fear but the act of facing it! 

Being courageous doesn't end in confronting that scaring armed thug in your neighbourhood. It actually applies to your career too.

Can you take that bold step towards achieving your goal or are you still scared it might fail?

Well, we learn through making mistakes, don't we? Failure, as we know, is actually an important part of our life. 

In fact, you need to fail most of the time in order for you to figure out how to do it better. There's always going to be a version 2.

Start that first version now and keep improving till I make version 9000000. Just don't stop improving.

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Whether you like it or not, real estate has been and will remain a big player in the investment market owing to the fact that we all need where to rest our heads at night - houses.  For the sake of clarity, real estate has to do with landed prop...

-Learn to be a source of solution to others. Just forget about making money and think more of making people's lives easier. Once you can make a difference, people will beg you to take their money!

You only create true wealth by creating a good solution. Just as we were thought in school, man is not an island.

He needs to connect with others. He cannot do everything by himself. We all need one another to make things work the way they should.

So, what makes you think you will make it big without the help of others? Besides, won't people have to pay you the money that will make you rich? Won't people be the ones to consume the products that will get you rich?

Then, it only makes sense to do things with other people in mind. For instance, If I'm creating a product,

I would always accept feedback from my customers on how to improve it to their taste, because if they stop buying it today, I'm out of business.

You have to create something that will add value to people's lives, something that will solve people's problem.

If your product is not a solution, you might end up using it alone. Here are some great tips for starting a small business.

What differentiates failure from success?

Persistence! Yes, that's the single word that separates the weak from the strong. You need to be strong-willed.

You only become a failure when you give up. Failing a million times is allowed. Practically all big inventions on earth were achieved after several failing attempts.

If you doubt this, find out from the big brands of today. See Samsung, for instance, do you know how impossible it seemed to come up with a curved screen a few ago?

Or how many times they must have failed before they were able to come up with that final product?

Don't you remember when thousands of Samsung phones were exploding worldwide? That was a major failure,

but did they stop producing it? No! They studied it, figured out what went wrong and produced a better version.

If Thomas Edison gave up on making the electric bulb, he would have been known as a failure, but despite his failure in achieving it after so many attempts,

he kept on pushing, learning from his mistakes and becoming better from his experience till he figured it all out and invented the electric bulb!

How do you maintain the same strong positive 'WILL' till you achieve your goal? All through the various failures within the journey? Yes, most people seem to forget their initial reason why they started their project. Most people lose interest after too much failing attempt.

Most people end up saying, 'perhaps, it was impossible to achieve after all. Well, what was your initial motivation? Why did you want to do it in the first place?

Was it for glory? Was your benefit going to be wealth? In order to remain willing to finish up your project,

you need to constantly remind yourself, what you stand to gain after completing the project. You need to build your passion for it.

You need to feel the hunger for it. If possible, tell yourself that the alternative isn't an option, that if you don't get it done,

you will forever be tagged a failure and you just might die in regret. The thoughts of this alone should make you want to see your project to completion.

Well, now you know the right mindset you need to keep if you aim at achieving something great. If you adjust accordingly to the above tips, I see no reason why you won't be found on the way to success. 

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