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Top 10 activities of the world’s most proactive people and how to utilize them.


Activities such as seminars/conferences, sports, societal programs or voluntary jobs may seem like a waste of time but in a few minutes, you will discover how rewarding they can be. 

Having some beneficial activities in our lives is as essential as it can get. The world's most successful people have learned to use this to their advantage and it's time you apply the same principles. 

However, you should note that not all extracurricular activities or side projects are worth your time as a lot of them only keeps you busy and never productive. 

The goal is to stay productive while being proactive. It is very important to be a part of other activities around you but it is also as important to ensure the activity is beneficial.

It's true that not everyone can be a member of business or sports clubs since some professions can be really time-consuming. 

For instance, bankers in Nigeria may never have a side project because they don't have much time for themselves. The average banker goes to work before 8AM and returns by 9PM

With jobs like this, you may only have Sunday (and perhaps Saturday) for yourself and you are likely going to want to use that time to clean up your home, prepare for the next working days, spend time with your family and probably rest.

However, if you have any time to spare, you should really consider playing a major role in as many side programs as possible, because apart from its great networking opportunity, you also get to broaden your knowledge and expertise. 

The fact that it puts your leadership skills to test and brings out the best in you, enhances your chances of building a successful career is enough reason to utilize them. 

Activities that involve a lot of people tend to awaken your team spirit and will likely help you get aware of your strengths, your limits as well as the team roles that you are naturally comfortable with. 

The ability to follow a leader and be an invaluable team player is very much necessary for great achievements and overall success.

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Personal Projects

Whether you just want to make it a hobby or you decide to lead and organize your own program, creating a side project is equally very rewarding and has been known to be one of the habits of the world's most successful people. 

However, leading a project is no mean feat and as such, it's advised you gain the experience by taking part in other people's projects first. 

Creating side projects such as fundraising, auctions, seminars, that focuses on areas of your interest, offers you a great networking opportunity, enhances your teamwork experience, solves an immediate societal problem which in turn gives you a sense of accomplishment. It also awakens the leader in you.

Start by taking a look at your vicinity and try to notice the problem that needs a solution. A typical example will be your surroundings. 

Do you need more security, sanitation, etc.? Have you considered organizing your neighbourhood residents to solve the problem? 

about organizing an event or a simple dinner party to help connect the various talents? All these may not seem as much but they will surely put you in the spotlight, get you fans and recognition, make you a role model as well as grant you several recommendations to help grow your career/business.

Or you could just create a personal project that is based on your profession. For instance, if you are a programmer, you should consider building a useful software or app and grant a pro bono public access to it. 

Side projects like this help to validate your skills, ideas and could also create an additional source of income in record time. 

As if that is not enough, it could serve as your portfolio if you decide to be a freelancer, serve as a work experience for a better job or a stepping stone for a quality business but remember, success starts with your mindset.

Sports Activities

I'm sure your doctor must have told you countlessly the importance of doing exercises and I'm not about the repeat the same pep talk. 

However, being a part of a sports club (and I'm not talking about being a Real Madrid fan), is very important in building up your team spirit as well as give you a sense of belonging. 

Perhaps, you just want to create a hobby out of your favourite sport but being a part of a team that not only play among themselves but also involve others, grants you a higher chance in exploring your inner talents. 

You also gain more exposure and tour other environments, meet new people etc. Sports such as football, hockey, basketball are good choices to make. 

Even the wealthiest men are members of golf clubs (sports!) where they network with others, discuss ideas and make business deals while entertaining themselves. Meanwhile, you should follow my financial education series on

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Recreational Activities

This might seem like just having fun or hanging out in your favourite spot with your best friends but at the end of the day, you could literally utilize your leisure time for a more rewarding experience by being a part of something bigger within your niche. 

For instance, if I love dancing, I would rather join a dance club where we not only dance for entertainment but also take part in dance competitions, rather than just attending nightclubs. 

And if I so much want to attend nightclubs and parties, I would choose them wisely as I could actually use the opportunity to network with well-to-do people who could very much help in catapulting my career/business. 

Go out, have some fun doing your recreational activities in your leisure time but also ensure you gain a lot more than just entertainment from your pleasure time.

Political Activities

If you feel that you will be a bigger asset to the society as a senator in the near future, you should consider getting involved in mini political affairs within your region. 

Certainly, there are limited governance opportunities around (since those in power always seem to recycle ex-political leaders), but the available options are sufficient if you are in the habit of getting involved in activities of the powerful. 

You can start by joining a political group, activist group, debate society, etc. Sometimes, all you need is to attend galas and other events of political leaders/influencers as this accord you enough opportunity to network with people who can help you gain a political office. 

The benefits or this can never be overemphasized. Ranging from getting your voice heard, making connections, down to leading your people! 

Perhaps, politics is not your dream. Are you even living your dream? Well, here's how to choose the right career path.

Business Clubs

As an entrepreneur and you are yet to be a part of an effective business club, you are walking alone in the desert and believe me, you are missing out on a lot of benefits. 

Clubs such as this creates a way to easily gain funding, investments, partnership deals, business solutions and other resources etc. 

You not only mingle with like-minds but also get to broaden your network and grow into larger markets. 

You are very much more likely going to make better business decisions by learning from the experience of other businessmen. 

Being closer to your competitor as well as gaining quality business information, is another reason to join a business club. 

Business club activities are well known to be one of the major activities of most successful entrepreneurs.

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Religious Activities

Did you know that not everyone attending a church is very religious? In fact, most people go there to meet network with people in the various church activities. 

Yes, not all religious centers have these wonderful programs but if you are religious, you should consider joining any quality group in your religious center and try as much as possible to participate in their activities as this is a great way to mingle with other spiritually inclined people as well as lead a group and grow your network. 

It's important to have other things going on in our lives other than just our career tasks. You should join me on my journey as I walk you through every step I'm taking to launch a new entertainment company.

Societal Councils

Councils come in several shapes and depending on the community, it functions varies. However, most councils (which are an organization of decision makers) are basically formed to represent the interests of the people around there. 

Joining a council is never easy since you are most likely going to be elected by the community which means that you should have demonstrated your leadership skills beforehand. 

Naturally, a council constitutes of various leaders who get to enhance each other while facing challenges together. 

Being a council member instantly sets you apart and gets you recognized in the society as a responsible, well-respected leader who is capable of solving complex problems as well as representing a group of people effectively. 

Being a council member builds your management and leadership skills which are the needed qualities of a great entrepreneur or a top manager in successful firms.

Social Activities

This cuts across social clubs, social events and other gatherings that are intended for developing our social traits. 

Such gatherings can seem like a gathering for hanging out with a group of friends but it goes far beyond that as it is a great opportunity to build your public speaking skills which in turn, improves your confidence even on stage. 

Social activities such as public debates are a good fit for this. Even a social activity such as a matchmaking event does not only help you meet diverse people but will also enhance your dating experience while studying the various psychological forms of people. 

Being able to convey our message effectively and relating to others is a very essential aspect of our lives that should not be ignored. 

Fortunately, social activities of the several social gatherings around us are there to help us develop these skills.

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Volunteer Jobs

Have you ever volunteered to do a work before? Doing volunteer jobs is a great way of connecting and showing off your skills with potential employers. 

By investing your time in noble causes for free, you don't only show a sign of responsibility but also highlight a sense of maturity in you. 

Not every work should be about money (Freelancing, affiliate marketing, eCommerce and amazon kindle are good income generation options) as voluntary jobs tend to offer greater values for a leader. 

Most charity clubs, community centres or even government agencies offer options for volunteers to take part in accomplishing certain tasks. 

And No, it must not be a huge/dangerous job (the Nigerian Ebola treatment volunteers who helped the government in flushing out the disease in other west African countries comes to mind). 

You could just volunteer to take up a role as a delegate to a region or to join the safety department in enlightening the public of certain safety measures. 

This stands to increase your knowledge of a specific type of work and industry as well as expanding your network of valuable connections.

Training Courses

Most great people are successful because they never seem to stop learning! Even if you have acquired all necessary qualifications and professional certifications for your chosen career, you should also consider enhancing your knowledge on other aspects of life or simply seek to develop yourself into a better person. 

Yes, that's probably what you are doing now by reading this article but you can always take it further by adding a new skill to yourself. 

If you have a spare time, then use it to learn something new. Take a new course or share your knowledge with others by acting as a tutor. 

This is also one habit of most successful people. They are always willing to share their knowledge with others. 

You too can start passing your experience to others which will, in turn, grant you a lot more opportunities and loyal students. I myself recently created a guide on I built my profitable membership website ( for my users.


Being a career person is good but making your career the only activity in your life is not only boring but also very self-limiting. 

By adding some other beneficial activities to your life, you also broaden your knowledge, skills, network while getting recognized, appreciated, a sense of belonging, a sense of accomplishments and gaining a better career shot in the process. 

The above activities also make you very proactive and increase your productivity and exposure. 

Are you already utilizing these activities? What have you gained? If not, why are you yet to participate in any of the above activities?

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