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Top 64 marketable skills you can offer as a freelancing service right now

Top 64 marketable freelance skills

Depending on your level of experience and professionalism, there are certain hot skills you could practically offer as a service on online freelancing platforms now and gain clients in a matter of hours. However, not everyone is a pro.

Thankfully, people make a good amount of money these days, by doing simple tasks such as proofreading.

Anyway, if you actually want to make good money through freelance, you will probably have to get a higher skill, one way or the other.

So, I'm using this opportunity to list and classify the major marketable skills that are usually sort after to help you figure out the best possible skill you should offer as a freelancer and the skills you can begin learning right away.

While some of these skills pull in more sales and profits than the rest, it's good to know that virtually everyone has a shot at starting a freelance career with little or no skill.

Once you sort out the right skill you can capitalize on as a freelancer, you should start putting everything in place for a great career ahead.

Here's how to set yourself up as freelancer on people per hour, fiverr, upwork, freeeup, jobdone, guru etc.


Websites, Mobile applications, Business,

Just as the title suggests, it has to do with building something. Especially something digital like mobile applications, web applications and websites.

Are you a developer? Do you have any Java, PHP, etc.? Then, you should be making good money already!

Join PeoplePerHour or Upwork now to start getting paid for building apps or websites for clients.

And if you are not a web developer and you are interested in acquiring this skill, W3schools is a good place to start. Most coders are self-taught anyway.

A simple Youtube search can reveal several free web or mobile development tutorials to get you started.

Also, if you are not very good at researching and learning complex things on your own, I'm sure there are several local schools ready to train you on acquiring these skills offline within your vicinity.

But it doesn't end there. People are always out there looking out for several new ways on how to grow their business and if you are a good business strategist with proper knowledge and experience in business development,

then, you can make it a freelance career. You only need to come up with practical models to help businesses utilize their full potentials and maximize their profit-pulling power.


Social media, website, online reputation,

Do you spend most of your time on social media? Then, you should monetize it! There's a good chance that you probably already know how to handle a professional social media page or wouldn't you know what to tweet if I let you handle Ghavoch's Twitter page? I bet you do.

So, if you have any management skill at all, you should consider managing social media pages or websites.

Anyway, website management might need a bit of technical know-how but it's not rocket science. You could practically manage

and maintain any website if you are familiar with the web hosting control panel and the content management system used in setting up the website. In fact, it's easier than that. Have you ever been an admin of a website or an app before?

Well, it's pretty much the same thing. But some clients might request a bit more like making sure the site is free from malware and attackers.

Others might only request that you ensure the website is always available by renewing the hosting, domain SSL (and any other used service) fee and doing a daily website backup.

Nevertheless, managing online reputation of a brand goes beyond social media and the brand's website.

If you are good at keeping business off blacklists by attending to bad customer reviews on other websites, then you can make a freelancing career out of it.

You will just have to keep checking online to ensure that your brand's image remains intact. Sometimes, you actually need to deal with piracy.

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Article writing, proofreading, editing, translating, data entry, resume & cover letter, press release,

The list is quite endless. Can you write? Are you any good in the professional writing world?

If you so, there are countless writing opportunities available online today and these are all hungry for your inputs.

Apart from freelancing platforms, there are actually a few other websites (ListVerse, Medium, Ghavoch etc.) where you get paid for posting fresh articles.

And to make things easier, you actually have lots of options like cover letter writing, press release or blog articles.

How about those with a less professional writing skill? Why not get paid for proofreading, editing or translating contents? Editing an article is not that difficult especially if it's in your primary language.

With the help of google translate, you could actually get paid for converting contents into foreign languages. To top it up, you also have an option to make data entry a career too.


Articles, keyword, business, information, survey

If you found this post through a search engine, you are good to go. In fact, you can begin your freelance career on researching right away.

There are thousands of websites out there that are looking for good researchers. Ranging from quality keywords to articles.

How about businesses? Do you know the number one requirement for every entrepreneur is to do a thorough research on their business model, product, market or even their business idea and name?

Well, now you know. They need people like you who can help them figure out how well their businesses will perform in the market.

There are also people in need of quality information to help them complete their projects (or any other thing) but lack the time to get it.

This is where you should come in. Your job will be to research and supply them with this information and get paid for your service.


Websites, applications, infographics, posters, flyers, banners, brochure,

Yes, even those without a full website and mobile application development skill can still cash in big if they know the basics.

This means. A simple WordPress, OpenCart or Joomla website design knowledge could make you a lot of money through freelancing. You can learn how to build any kind of website using the ultimate Ghavoch Blueprint without coding (Yes, Ghavoch was built on Joomla! CMS).

However, you may still need to enhance your skills by learning HTML and CSS to enable you design without using templates.

In fact, you can build up your site using just HTML while styling it with CSS. This is not far from designing mobile applications too. These days, you can literally build a mobile application with no technical knowledge.

Another option will be to design posters, banners, flyers or even greeting cards if you have a graphic design skill.

Are you any good with Photoshop or Corel Draw? How about Adobe Illustrator? You no longer have to limit your skills to an employer or yourself when you could be using it to create another income stream for yourself.


Digital marketing, marketing strategist, social media marketing,

Whether you studied marketing in school or not, pulling in some clients through online publicity could be done with the right resources.

The good news? People aren't expecting you to do it manually. You are usually required to do a paid advert.

We have all promoted a content on social media at one point or the other. Be it our own or not.

For most people, all they did was to recommend a great blog post with a nice caption and succeeded in making it go viral, while others have been more practical in winning some new customers through actual promotions.

Businesses most times waste lots of money on marketing without getting anything tangible in return. When you offer digital marketing as a freelancer,

you should be able to produce some strategic adverts containing quality sales converting pitches that is targeted at the right audience.

A marketing strategist, however, may not need to actually do the promotion. All that is required is that he knows the best possible way to maximize sales conversions.


Logo design, business card design, product design,

These would have been classified under 'Design' but they are business identity-related services and as such,

deserve a heading of their own. Product design has to do with coming up with exceptional ways, to make a product stand out.

Have you ever thought of using your product design skills to earn an extra income by freelancing online?

The opportunity is still open! You may only need to supply top-notch attractive attributes ranging from a product name to its packaging.

Once again, your graphic design skill could be very useful in creating astonishing unique logos and business cards for businesses on freelance platforms such as PeoplePerHour or UpWork.

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Video edit, voice over, audio mix, promotional video creation,

In a serene environment, cinematography would literally compete with well-paid doctors in terms of earnings.

Yes, most movie crews earn a lot of money under normal circumstances and I'm sure if you have ever done a professional video production, you can attest to this.

That being said, if you have any good knowledge in video editing (Using Da Vinci Resolve, Premiere Pro and the likes.),

you should seriously consider setting up a freelance service around it. You also get to make money by doing a voice-over for clients.

Audio mixing is another option if you have the necessary equipment. And if you are already into professional video production, you could make promotional videos for clients online and rake in big bucks for your efforts.


Mobile applications, website, products,

It's true that some people like cutting corners by buying reviews, but how about those genuine ones that just want a bit of encouragement for potential buyers to make a purchase?

They are always willing to give you a version of their products or applications for you to test and write a review on what you think.

And since they know you probably had other things to do, they pay you for your time. These reviews are sometimes published on their websites to convince new customers that there are other customers already enjoying the products or services.

Another way will be to act as a survey agent whose work is to check out certain elements and endorse or condemn it.

These reviews are then taken into consideration when building new product versions. Of course, every good entrepreneur values his customers' inputs!

Even if you don't like freelancing platforms, you could register with UserTesting to do a video review of websites and get paid for it. Yes, you could make over $350 weekly doing this which doesn't take more than 30mins.

Search Engine Optimization

Search appearance, search ranking, domain authority,

SEOClerks is one major platform where you can find all sorts of services from freelancers who are out to boost organic searches of websites. This skill is still very much well sort after and it won't be fading any time soon.

In fact, the more websites we create, the more SEO freelancers will be needed and guess what? Hundreds of websites are created every day.

There's no debate here, SEO is that lucrative. If you are good at improving website search ranking or appearance on search engines,

you've hit the jackpot! Some companies pay as much as thousands of dollars to get their web pages to Google search first page!


Finances, business, marketing, career,

Follow my financial education series and you just might learn enough to know how to handle your finances.

Once you are good in financial management and actually know the best way to control your cash-flow, then,

you can create another income stream by using your financial knowledge as a freelance service for those with less financial backings.

Business consultation can be very profitable too. I must admit, even with my level of experience I would still seek some form of consultation from those that are prominent in a particular market. Or were you thinking I knew every angle of business?

No, we learn every day and other growing entrepreneurs won't hesitate to request for your business or marketing consultation too!

This is why I always recommend that entrepreneurs select the best team. A business can only go as far as the team leading it. Join me as I set up a new entertainment company on Ghavoch.

However, It's only logical that you are a successful businessman yourself as it doesn't make any sense for you to be consulting businesses without owning one.

This is the same thing with career consultation. You can't possibly be advising career persons when you don't have a successful career yourself


Business plan, travel plan, marketing plan, event planning,

Though you will need to have a top-notch writing skill to pull of a good business plan, using your planning skill as a freelancer could be very lucrative when you know what you are doing.

Are you good at organizing and preparing plans for events or trips? A business plan will need to illustrate some strategic survival methods in the competitive market. Here are some business plan writing tips for you.

Note that you may need to do some bits of research every now and then when putting together a business,

travel or event plan but if you have ever produced an error-free business plan or an effective travel plan as a result of your outstanding planning process, then you are gifted enough to make a freelance career out of it.

Financial Education 101

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Video animation, photo to cartoon character conversion, character modelling,

Did you know people still pay good money for animating their photographs this new generation?

Even with the presence of several free tools that can do it in split seconds, people are willing to pay you to get it done.

It baffles me, I must say. But well, if they didn't, most freelancer cashing in on this would be penniless by now.

Also, if you have what it takes to make good animated videos, you could make a living freelancing with it!

Most companies wouldn't hesitate to load you with cash if you can produce a short animated-video based on a marketing script for their promotional purposes.

Tech Support

Fix bugs, write script, troubleshoot, server setup,

Honestly, this skill can't be gotten overnight. You need a lot more technical expertise to be able to pull this off.

It's true that any layman might be able to join two or more plugs together and succeed in assembling a computer however,

when it comes to setting up a server, writing a scripting language, troubleshooting and fixing bugs, the level of complexity advances.

Anyway, if you have a good knowledge of server configurations, you can monetize it through freelancing.

Sometimes a simple skill as such WordPress setup and administration can increase your bank account balance.

Just be available to help newbies in troubleshooting and fixing up their blogs and you get paid for your services.


Software, game programming, operating system,

Here are the real tech guys with the power to build or ruin systems. Well, it pays to remain a white-hat hacker.

Anyway, programmers are those building your favourite game and software. Yes, even your laptops' operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) was written by programmers.

Just as every other complex thing in life, a good programming skill isn't acquired overnight but it pays heavily to be an experienced programmer.

If you can, you should learn this as soon as you can as there are endless opportunities available to programmers on the web. Besides, you can also build and sell your own game or software.

Others Include;

Produce presentations, give social media fans, blog comments, Virtual assistant, language tutor

Powerpoint presentation will probably remain relevant as long as businesses meetings, conferences or seminars remain in play.

Team leaders are always out there looking for quality ways to present their ideas or projects to their teammates, employers, partners or investors.

Once you have a good presentation design skill, you can fil in this gap and make things easier for these team leaders.

Don't worry, you will be paid! Have you also considered being a virtual assistant? You can build a freelancing career on this too.

Do you know that feeling you have when you visit a company's social media page and find lots of followers? Every brand will like to project that level of trust too!

This is the reason why many businesses hire social media influences to help grow their fan base.

And a lot of people wouldn't hesitate to pay you well if you can provide likes, views and followers on their pages. There is also hunger for blog comments, YouTube subscribers etc.

One last thing, if you are very good in highly sort-after languages like Spanish, French, English etc.

you can make it a freelancing career to teaching interested clients over the internet on how to master it and get paid in return.


Once you are able to acquire any of the above skills, you should consider starting your freelance career on PeoplePerHour or Upwork as soon as you can. There are also several other platforms like the popular Fiverr and Freelancer.

Though I have my preferences and reasons to back them up, the one you join isn't really an issue since at the end of the day, what matters is that you are active, gaining clients and making money!

Alternatively, you could set up a membership website and charge your users a weekly or monthly subscription fee to offer them your services which could be any of the above.

For instance, you could put up a site where clients who need social media managers will sign up and pay a monthly fee for you to manage

and grow their social media pages or you could put up a subscription-based website where you will offer a course for your users to learn your skills and services.

It's a goldmine since you will be having a recurring income from the same customers. To get started, here's a complete guide

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