How to make money on Ghavoch.


Do you desire to create an additional income stream?

Would you want to do it through Ghavoch?

How does making an extra $1,000 sound?



While there's a whole section on Ghavoch where I share my tips on how to make

money, I have also decided to let you have a share in Ghavoch's revenue in

several ways and it doesn't require much other than using your Ghavoch account!

You could get paid just for being a member of Ghavoch.


  • Ghavoch Revenue Distribution

    As a way of saying thank you for your support, you can now earn up to $100 daily for being active on Ghavoch. No actual requirement and all members are eligible but this revenue sharing is targeted at

    'active members' who are adding some value to Ghavoch. I just launched Ghavoch a few months ago so, for a start, $5,000 will be distributed among the active members but as Ghavoch grows, the amount will increase.

    The earning criteria only demand that you login, read and share your views on articles, share on social media, participate in discussions, other community challenges and at the end of the day, you get an appreciation cheque.

    These are things you do everyday on other platforms but on here, you could get paid for it. All your activities on Ghavoch are logged which makes it easy for me to identify you as an active member and send you your cheque!

  • Content contribution rewards

    Are you an expert in your field or do you just happen to have some quality knowledge to share? You could start monetizing your knowledge on Ghavoch right away. You get paid up to $200 for every great article you submit.

    It doesn't end there. You also get paid for sharing your educational materials (videos, audios, tools, application etc.) that are within the scope of topics covered on Ghavoch. Simply put: you signup and upload

    your useful materials that would greatly improve the (business, finance, career etc.) life of other members, they access it and thank you for it, then I pay you for it. The materials could literally be anything

    - even a brief video course! For instance, you could make an information/intensive training video on any hot topic in the business niche and get rewarded for sharing it on Ghavoch.

  • Commissions on Blueprint sales

    Did you know you could make over $1,000 just for recommending my 'Joomla! Profitable Membership Website Blueprint' to your friends? It's quite simple and easy to do! Do you have a website or blog?

    Do you have an email list? Or do you have a good following on your social media accounts? In fact, do you have any means of reaching out to lots of people? Then, simply place a banner/link of the Blueprint and get paid

    a $50 commission for everyone who downloads the blueprint on Ghavoch through you! You go about your normal activities conducting your everyday business but at the end of the day, you receive multiples of payment alerts just for placing a link!

    The good news? There's no limit on the amount you could make. You could double your earnings by placing more links and your commission rate becomes $70 - $100 per sale if you are able to generate up to 20 sales a month. 

  • Contests and cash prizes

    Similar to getting paid for being active on Ghavoch, I do organize contests every other day and you stand to win great prizes for your excellence. All you have to do is stay tuned to Ghavoch and participate in every contest I announce.

    Not to worry, the contests are usually easy to carry out. Sometimes it could just be a simple challenge on things such as coming up with a strategy that tackles and eliminates a minor problem like working/doing business with family.

    These challenges are just there to help you think, analyze situations and create solutions with your ideas. Other times, the contest could be a survey question relating to what has been discussed on Ghavoch to see who has been paying attention

    on the articles on Ghavoch. Mind you, there are also many other contests such as graphic design competition, video production competition, essay writing competition etc. Winners go home with up to $200 cash prizes and many winners are choosen.

  • Practical one-on-one coaching

    This is the most recommended way of making money as a member of Ghavoch. When you signup as a standard, premium or blueprint member, you gain an unlimited access to my invaluable mentorship to build a better future.

    You consult and I coach you to success in either launching your own profitable online business or starting a quality company altogether. Even career persons get to enhance their professional career through my counselling.

    Overall, you will get to improve your finances and probably create additional income streams through the knowledge you gain on Ghavoch. The goal is to help you make more money as a member of Ghavoch through your current venture or by starting a new one.

Are you ready to start making money on Ghavoch?

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