How to setup a profitable membership website

in 5 simple steps.


Using the free Joomla CMS, I will show you how I built Ghavoch without coding and turned it into a mega business.

The revenue generating power of paid membership based websites can never be overemphasized. Speaking from experience and by that, I'm not just talking about Ghavoch.


I have managed a few other membership websites myself and I can tell you that when it's well managed, it can turn into a huge internet business, pulling in high figures in monthly revenue and its simple, not difficult to setup and I will show you how.

Last month, Ghavoch generated over $13,345 in subscriptions, affiliates and product sales revenue! And it's not been up to 5 months since I launched.


 Below is a screenshot of my recent membership subscriptions revenue.


A membership website is any website that offers a subscription plan for users to access certain premium contents or features. These sites charge their users a weekly, monthly or an annual membership fee for them to retain these benefits. Learn more...


To start generating your own profits, all you have to do is;

Setup the website (style the front-end and include a members' section)

Integrate with a payment processor (to handle your user subscriptions)

Add your contents/items (e.g videos, articles etc. Not all membership sites need these)

Launch and market (taking your site to the right audience to gain your targeted users)

Manage and maintain (renewing and updating your site, keeping your users happy)



You will love to run your very own membership site because they can be very rewarding. Mind you, it's not really an easy task (especially at the beginning) since you will need to fully manage your users and provide them certain services but when it is well set up, you could start making profits even a day after your launch. And this is because membership websites don't require much.


I mean, unlike blogs and other types of sites that needs lots of traffic (thousands of monthly visitors) before they can generate a reasonable amount of revenue, a membership website like Ghavoch (including Email Marketer and Movie Prefect that I'm currently setting up), doesn't need much since having just a 100 users could be making you over $5,000 monthly (assuming your subscription plan is $50)



 The good news? You don't have to make your website look like or have the same features as Ghavoch. You can practically tweak it the way you want to get your desired result. Do you think you won't have the time to set this up? Then, let Lati Codes handle it for you.


However, I will simply walk you through every single step all the way.

What you will learn in this membership website business blueprint are;

 How to setup a membership website or any other kind of website

 How to make it a steady income stream


Steps taken are;


 Types of membership sites to setup

 Domain registration & Hosting Package

 Professional Email and nameservers

 Website building software installation

 Website global configuration

 Overall functions of site admin tools




 Installing and customizing site template

 Branding. Designing Logo and Favicon

 Creating site background images

 Creating Menus and Meta Data

 Getting the right website Components)

 Installing all necessary site components



 Site overall design with modules using pagebuilder

 Understanding all module positions and topography

 Adding contents and customizing the appearance 

 Setting different contents for different devices

 Making site look good on mobiles



 Understanding user groups and access levels 

 Setting up member login/account

 Setting up email marketing component

 Creating contact forms and forwarding

 Restricting certain contents for premium users 

 Setting up site membership levels and fees

Integrating with payment processors




 Search Engine Optimization made easy

 Other types of mega membership sites

 More recommendation and resources 

Getting and adding contents to your site

 Launch site. Getting site to the right audience

How to make money from your site

 Multiple ways of monetizing the newly created site




Also, you get access to a free support from me which means, I'm available to assist you as much as possible in getting your site up and running and generating your own profits.

And yes! All these can be done in less than 24 hours!

But of course, you can always hire Lati Codes to set it up for you.


This membership website setup blueprint comes in both a written and video practical guide.


 Here's a Preview of the Walk-Through Video


Here's a portion of the practical eBook written guide


Core Benefits of this Complete Website Setup Guide


 You get to setup your very own website, turn it into an internet business, manage and run it with almost zero capital

  You get to establish yourself online as an authority while making money in the process 


 You get to make money on auto-pilot and you can choose to work at your own hours from the comfort of your home or your favourite hangout spot.

 You broaden your knowledge  and get to know what happens at the back-end of most websites on the net


 You get to add several skills (web design, web administration, bits of SEO and digital marketing) which is another great way of earning good passive income online or you could just be a freelancer and start getting paid for building sites for clients.

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