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An open letter to Nigerians – The way forward if we want to make it.


It's noteworthy to admit that I might step on toes during this consensus course of public enlightenment but after a brief deliberation, I'm sure it's absolutely worth it. It's clear that anyone with an intellectual capacity can attest to the fact that being adamant about portraying a nonchalant attitude towards my condemnation here, won't get you very far in life.

Well, while it's an unnatural fallacy that we all could live and abide by the same principles, it's however essential for a concerned citizen like me to lay out in details in all clarity, some necessities for the path of the average individual to help catapult us into the invaluable empire we all admire. I write this, in the hopes of brushing off some common self-destructive notions from the minds of our strayed citizens.

This is from an esteemed substantial view which should do nothing other than invoking the logical side of any entity capable of comprehension. This may very well be deemed a transcript of my opinion but in all certainty, it also applies to a good percentage of the growth-seeking personalities in the country.

In the light of this, it's convenient to note that my words may be provocative enough to incite a demand and hunger for something better, by taking certain actions towards it – and that's the goal. To make this easier for the layman, I will be as simple and concise as possible.

"God will provide." Wow! I can bet that we (Nigerians) are in love with that quote. In fact, we use it almost on daily basis as an excuse while sitting on the sofa, watching reality programs on our TVs. Who told you God will provide? God is probably too busy preparing for the end of days!

How can God give you all you need to succeed and yet, you still choose to wait for him to do everything for you? I mean, last time I checked, God is God and not your slave. Or have you all forgotten the quote: "Heaven only helps those who help themselves"?

There are so many ways we can waste our lives but watching reality TV shouldn't be one of them. How are you comfortable, sitting, day-in, day-out watching other people, not only living their lives but also making money while your own life is on pause? Why should someone in his/her right senses do this?

These programs are there to only entertain you (and educate, in some extreme cases) after your day's work! I cannot also fathom the level of religious indiscipline we have gotten ourselves into. We call ourselves Christians and yet we tend to dine with the devil as though we can worship two masters.

At the slightest opportunity, we mention God's name with no atom of respect on our tongues. How fa? Na god o. What has God got to do with your 'How fa - I'm fine'? We are also very greedy and at the same time, pretending not to be. Everyone wants to have all the money in the country but guess what? We are not one bit willing to work for it.

Blaming people for our problems, especially our relatives in the village is also our trademark. And these are the biggest problems we face as individuals and even as a country.

'Hypocrisy.' As a matter of fact, we will rather do all sorts of negative activities (sins against God and man) to gain our interests and yet, we build churches at every corner of our streets where we go every Sunday or more, singing praises as though we were the first choirs of heaven created by God before the angels, almost having ourselves convinced of how good we are.

Who is fooling who? We are only deceiving ourselves. Well, from what I can recall which is clearly written in the book of Genesis (The Bible), God gave man the power to conquer earth.

Simply put; God has given us the strength and abilities to achieve whatever we want in our lives. We all have what it takes to become who we want to be and to be frank, only a very few percents of us are tapping into these abilities and the rest are simply still waiting on God to come down from his throne and sweep their floors, buy them food etc.

This same God you wait for will be the same God to punish you for lazing around when the time comes because God himself does not condone laziness. Remember the quote; "There is no food for the lazy man"? Unemployment has been our major problem as a country not because the government isn't doing anything about it but because we keep waiting on the government for everything.

We all know our government don't have the people's interest at heart (Most of them are there for their pocket. The same with most of you if given the opportunity) but are we going to sit and wait for them to change? If you want a change of government, then you should come out and vote wisely.

You should speak up and demand the required change. You must join hands and hold them accountable for their actions. An idle mind, as they say, is the devil's workshop. When you need something, you only need what will motivate you in getting it and not what will make you lazy around hoping that your needs will fall from heaven.

Hello? The days of manna falling down from heaven are over. It won't happen. At least, not anymore. The days of Moses are gone. Welcome to the 21st century. Thankfully, this is the information age and you can rule the world with the right information at hand.

-Lazy people will ignore opportunities even when presented with one.

-Smart people will grab any opportunity they come across.

-Wise people will not even wait for the opportunities to come. They are always out there searching and creating great opportunities even in negative situations.

We can all remember the recent Ebola outbreak and how many of us were crying like babies, pausing our lives and waiting for death to come but guess what? Wise people didn't see that as the end of the world, rather, they saw it as an opportunity to save mankind.

These people went to their various labs to begin researching for a cure while others were working on tools to help us survive the outbreak but what were you doing? Bathing salt-water because someone said so! Imagine the level of your gullibility and mental slavery!

If you want to make it in life, you need a different kind of mindset. Success as you know (no matter your definition for it), starts from your mind. It starts with how you think. You must learn to look above what the average person sees. You must forget whatever you were taught in school and church, and begin to understand that your destiny is in your hands.

You must learn to have self-confidence, patience and perseverance. You must learn to be optimistic and realistic at the same time. You must drop your greed and understand that you only gain true wealth (with a peace of mind) through smart work which doesn't happen overnight.

There has never been a shortcut to success and it won't happen now. Cheating, stealing or doing drugs to make quick money isn't a success but crimes which can only lead you to doom. There is rather a great joy to walk in the street and see people giving you high regard for the good things you achieved and people paying tributes to you even when you are gone.

You must stop blaming people and start taking responsibility in your life. You must accept the things you can't change. You must put yourself in other people's shoes before judging them. You must learn never to assume because nothing is ever the way it seems until proven so.

You must constantly remember that no one is above mistake (including you). You must learn to move on from whatever holds you down. You must understand that there will be obstacles along the way and none is a curse but just a normal life-way of making you wiser and stronger (or how else can you know what treasure is available on the mountain if you don't climb to the top? And do you think climbing to the top is as easy as walking down the street?).

You must also be willing to accept critics with an open mind because it will help you grow! People need to constantly remind you of what you are doing right or wrong but you don't need anyone's approval for doing what is right!

You must learn to create your own path. Never kill your dreams by trying too hard to blend into the society. Once you achieve your goals, the society will learn to accept you.

We all know how many times Thomas Edison failed before inventing the electric bulb (and I'm sure if he was a Nigerian, he would perhaps, start running around from church to church thinking he was being chased by witchcraft from his village, probably after his third failure).

You must learn to see the good in people and things. You must learn to focus on the positive side of life. You must know that life doesn't get better by chance but by choice.

You must learn to figure out the difference between people who will bring you down and those who can lift you up. If you want to be rich, then you must act like the rich! You must leave your current circle and begin to meet people that matter. You must broaden your network of people who move in the same direction as you. You must read and start asking questions.

You don't just accept whatever you are told. Begin to wonder why things work the way they do. You must stop giving excuses (Stop it already!) and take action towards your goal. You must be willing to learn new things every day. Since you can read this article (Having access to the internet), it means you already have enough to get you started.

Everything is possible on planet earth but the question is: Do you have the courage to go in while others are coming out? Just forget about making quick money and think more of making people's lives easier. Once you can make a difference, people will beg you to take their money!

You only create true wealth by creating a good solution. But then again, we can't all be wealthy - that I understand. However, who would you rather be? The poor bitter old man wallowing in regrets of what he could have achieved since he can't afford to take care of his family or the comfortable/rich/wealthy man known for taking vacations and acquiring whatever he wants? 

Anyway, we all know we need to start from somewhere but while at it, we must aim higher. We must move to be investors or businessmen (not a fifty-kobo business but real businesses such as Genesis or Silverbird Group). We as a country must produce more than we consume.

The employed might say, I'm employed and my future is now secured with a good salary, pension and holiday packages. Who told you that?! What if you are fired and you don't get another job in time? You will be back to square one of course (especially if you didn't set up another income stream).

If you are employed, you should still try to figure out a way to have other investments which could be as little as owning a 5% of someone's business. There are so many great ideas out there which don't need a huge capital to make it a reality. and even if it does, there are several business funding opportunities flying around!

Find a legitimate entrepreneur with the right idea/business you can invest in or simply start your own! Stop being rigid. You must learn to leave your comfort zone and take risks. Every successful person today, took several risks to get there and you are not an exception to the rule.

How about the unemployed? Are you still waiting for a miracle to happen? I'm sure you all have the eyes to see that the wretched ones among us are the ones who attend several churches 24/7 and yet there's no improvement in their lives but the rich who might probably attend your church activities once a month, are getting richer and this is because most genuine rich folks know that you can't get rich overnight by attending vigils, rather, by smart-work (Not just hard work).

Most wealthy men of the world today don't even go to church. Why? Because they are aware that none of the great inventions on earth today were achieved by just praying. Go out there and achieve great things or do your little things in a great way!

Pray for God to help you while doing so and thank God after achieving them. You don't just sit and pray for miracles to happen. You pray for God to guide you while working on achieving your goals.

Think! Begin to see the world for what it truly is; Work or Starve. Even Jesus said; "Carry your cross and follow me." How then were you thinking you can get rich by saying 'God will provide'? No one is against how you choose to worship your God but do not let religion take over your head. Worship God but keep your logical brain intact.

We can now see the number of people going into pastor-preneurship hoping to make money from your gullibility. You must sit up and begin to give to God what belongs to God and to Caesar what belongs to Caesar (This was the instruction from Jesus). Begin to prioritize your objectives and use your time wisely.

You must make personal development a top priority because without this, you can still be completely useless even when given a million dollars - just like some villagers in Gokana of recent that were given about N600k – N1.2m each, as a compensation for the oil spill in their rivers.

Do you know most of them didn't achieve anything tangible with it? In fact, some spent all in bars. Imagine the level of illiteracy? Not that they didn't go to school. In fact, you can be a professor but still an illiterate with no ability to figure out the basic necessities of life. That is poverty of the mind. Pathetic.

To make it big, you still need to start from somewhere, like learning a skill and selling it. There must be something you can do. So, sit and figure it out. The good news is that you can monetize almost anything these days. No matter your skill or service, whether as complex as an engineer or as simple as a dancer, freelancer or not, you can join a community where you can list your skills, talents or services and get hired by people who need you.

I mean, why are you not yet on or These Platforms can literally help you monetize your services on the go. And if you prefer offline jobs, then, learn to offer your services offline too! Quit complaining and start today in taking actions for a better future. You may also want to be completely financially educated.

"If you really want to make it, you will find a way, otherwise, you will find an excuse"
Alibaba Group eFounders Fellowship is here to trai...
Africa's Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment (AYEEN), ...

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Monday, 29 November 2021

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