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N5m Grant from National Entrepreneurship Empowerment Programme for Nigerians


The National Entrepreneurship Empowerment Programme (NEEP) is once again inviting all suitably qualified Nigerians to submit their applications.

Entrepreneurs or intending entrepreneurs with viable business idea capable of boosting the Nigerian economy and possibly employ other Nigerians within the shortest possible time are hereby advised to consider taking part in this opportunity.

If as an entrepreneur, you have been seeking for an avenue for proper training and mentorship in business development, this is a great opportunity for you.

This is a partnership programme with Entrepreneurial Development institutions, Nigerian Universities and well-meaning Nigerians to reduce unemployment.

In this 21st Century, business is driven by internet, social media and technology and as such, NEEP is promising to break grounds on modern business development. They plan to empower 5000 Nigerian youths with Entrepreneurial skills.

The times we are in holds great opportunities for skilled individuals who can produce, market, package and employ themselves. This online and in-house training will give you everything you need to excel in today's world.

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Eligibility for the 2018 NEEP Programme
  1. Every participant must be a Nigerian
  2. Must be within the age bracket of 18 and 45 years
  3. You must have a viable business idea
  4. Your business, if in existence, must be resident in Nigeria. If yours is simply a business idea, it must be executed in Nigeria when empowered.
  5. Every applicant must possess a minimum academic qualification of NCE/OND from a recognised academic institution.
  6. Computer literacy is a necessity as larger part of the training will hold online.


Each stage of the NEEP programme is designed to address a specific need of any successful applicant. They have carefully selected courses that will address the majority of the problems of business owners.

Stage One

The first phase of the training comprises of eighteen entrepreneurial courses which cover all the necessary segments of personal productivity, business development, customer care, marketing, loan application, financials, record management, recruitment etc.

The training materials include downloadable course summaries, Video and Audio lessons, practical activities, peer network facilities, online examinations, 

Personalized Digital Certificates, templates, case study and exercises for each module. At the end of this training, every successful candidate will be able to proceed to the next phase of the training.

This stage gives you all you need to know as a business owner. The courses under this categories include the following:

Note: Clicking on the name of the courses will show more details

  1. Self Management
  2. Personal Productivity
  3. Setting Goals for Success
  4. Influencing Others
  5. Marketing
  6. Market Segmentation, Targetting and Positioning
  7. Recruitment, Selecting the Right People
  8. Effective Communication
  9. Assessing Finance for Your Business
  10. Customer Care Service
  11. How to Write Business Plan
  12. Enabling Your People to Perform
  13. Brand Building
  14. How to Create a Marketing Plan
  15. Building a Great Team
  16. Is Your Business Ready for Financing?
  17. Business Accounting

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Stage Two

This stage provides an enabling environment for every successful candidate to delve fully into the area of interest. The course a candidate will be trained on depends on the business idea that the candidate has.

They are making necessary consultations with many organisations and preparations to ensure that they help each candidate gain more knowledge about his/her field of interest.

This section will treat agricultural, production, engineering, Information Technology, entertainment etc. This phase will be conducted online as well. Mentorship will be provided also for successful candidates.

Production and Agricultural Courses
1.Adire (Tie and Dye)/ Aso Oke26.Mechatronics
2.Animal Feeds27.Health Care (Medical Diagnostics)
4.Bakery29.Movie Production (Nollywood)
5.Blocks and Interlocking Stones30.Plastics
6.Bottled Water31.Paint Production
7.Ceramics & Tiles32.Powder Production
8.Chemicals and Paints33.Piggery
9.Cosmetics/Hair Products34.Poultry farming
10.Dairy35.Quick Service Restaurants
11.Digital Printing/Multimedia Publishing36.Quarries
12.Doors and Window Frames37.Hair Cream
13.E-Commerce/Information & Communications Technology (ICT)38.Jelly
14.Fashion/Garmenting39.Toilet Soap
15.Fish Smoking/Drying40.Balm
16.Food Processing (comprising processing of agricultural products)41.Quail farming
17.Foundries/Metal Fabrication/3-D Printing42.Recycling
18.Fruit Juice43.Candle Production
19.Furniture/Wood Processing44.Roofing Sheets
20.Gemstones45.Soaps and Detergents
21.Greenhouses46.Solar (off grid)
22.Laundry and Dry Cleaning47.Technical/Vocational Schools (Offering City & Guild Certificate)
23.Leather/Footwear48.Theme Parks
24.Liquefied Petroleum Gas/Compressed Natural Gas49.Water Transportation Riverine
25.Meat Processing50.Light Manufacturing (Paper, Roofing Sheets, lube blending, Paints etc)
26.Yoghurt Drink Production51.Grocery packaging

Stage Three

Stage three is the final phase of the NEEP programme. This stage will bring all successful candidates in each state of the Federation together for a weekend of hands-on training on their field of interest (earlier treated online).

The participants will have the opportunity to practice, ask questions and procure equipment where applicable.

This phase allows participants to meet face to face with the sponsors of the NEEP programme as well as have an interactive session with the participating banks on loan disbursement processes. Certificates will be awarded at the closing ceremony at all state headquarters.

Terms and Condition for Loan application and Disbursement

You can apply for this opportunity here

Read more on their official website. 

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Monday, 29 November 2021

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