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This is my top recommended web hosting company for getting your websites online. They are optimized with user friendly interfaces, safe, fast, cheap and reliable. They guarantee 99.9% up-time. They also offer free Google and Bing advertising credits.



Based on 598 reviews in 7 languages around the world, A2 Hosting is valued best among over 4,078 web hosts with a 9.5 gold star rating.

Being one of the few great independent web hosting companies left, A2 Hosting remains a great award winning web hosting company with a top rated customer support, user friendly interface, high in reliability as well as an affordable pricing system for their excellent features.




  • Ultra-Reliable Servers

    Their servers are backed with the latest technologies and several layers of power to ensure your data is safe and always available. More resources are loaded and evenly distributed.

  • High Speed Servers

    With their SSD, turbo boost feature, as well as your ability to choose your own server location, is sure to load your pages 20x faster compared to other popular hosting alternatives.

  • Feature-Rich Hosting

    Each hosting account is designed to handle any kind of web application with their cPanel having all important feature like Let's encrypt, Softaculous, which many major Hosts can boast of.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    The presence of the popular cPanel makes it easier to find your way around each feature you need. Everything is well organized and easy to access, including their client area (billing portal).

  • Quick Support Experts

    A support ticket about a technical issue literally gets resolved in a few minutes. And phone support? that is almost instant. These guys are not only quick but experts at their job.

  • Pricing and Discount

    $3.9 for 1TB space and bandwith? 51% signup discount? Wow! This is the best you will ever find in the industry! How about their 'Anytime Money Back Guarantee'? Excellent!


A2 have not failed to include as many needed tools as possible to help you run an effective website for your business. With the presence of all popular Softaculous, you can easily choose from a wide range of available applications and install with few clicks. The ability to automatically backup and restore your files, can also not be overlooked, especially since several web hosts tend to charge an extra fee for backups.

The incorporation of the free Let's Encrypt certificate on their hosting accounts have really helped several businesses secure their users' data as well as process a safer transaction. Upgrading to a premium SSL starts at just $4.9. A2 Hosting also supports a wide range of programming languages.



Now, who wouldn't want to host their site on a server backed with a Solid-State Drive backed and a turbo boosting capability? With four major server locations to choose from (America, Europe and Asia), the speed, safety and availability is margin is greater compared to their counter-parts.

The chances of having a 5-minute downtime in a year, is very slim with these guys. Your site will literally be online 24/7 and this is the goal of every website owner.




Each hosting account is loaded with as much resources as possible that is capable of handling just about any kind of website.  

Just like every other big hosting company out there advertising unlimited storage and bandwith, A2 shared hosting accounts certainly don't come with the ability to store all the files in the world, however, you are guaranteed of over 1TB of storage space! Also, the resources on each server are evenly shared across the hosting accounts on that server.



A2 doesn't hesitate to implement the constant use of HackScan to provide preventative measures in order to keep hackers out of your website. This free service including dual web hosting firewall, virus scanning, 24/7 security monitoring and brute force defense is another reason while A2 continues to standout. Some hosts only make available similar tools like this for you to use if you’re so inclined. But if you don't know what you’re doing, they will be completely useless to you and your site. With A2 Hosting, you gain a peace of mind and can just worry about running your site (instead of the constantly performing a technical maintenance).



These guys have an award winning support team! They are ready to help you move your sites from your previous host, set it up and get your business up and running in no time. The ability to handle support tickets and resolve issues quickly, can never be over emphasized. Have you ever come across an 'Anytime Money Back Guarantee' on a web host before? Well, A2 offers that! This means there is no 30 days or 60 days limit but you can practically request a refund even after 8 months of using their service. Now, that is crazy but true!



In my over ten years of running and managing several businesses and freelance projects online, I've launched several websites on various hosting accounts by many web hosting companies (Most times, like now, I tend to have web applications with more than one hosting company, just to explore other options) and as such, I have gathered a lot of experiences with these companies. In fact, I just closed my hosting account with Hostgator about a week ago and honestly, I was disappointed with their service.


I mean, one might be tempted to think a top Hosting company like that will be topnotch in their features but reverse is the case. You won't even find softaculous and let's encrypt on their hosting accounts (I think they do that to force their users to pay an extra for an SSL and site backup). Unlike a major hosting company like Hostgator (and the likes) which can't even boast of a 2-hour response time (it takes them over 16 hours to respond to a support ticket), A2 support is great. Again, most hosting companies (like Blue Host) lack basic features. Blue Host actually built their own control panel which is terrible, compared to the popular cPanel.


The speed of A2 servers is also a major factor to consider and that is, if you want your pages to load up quickly. In fact, A2 Hosting company practically wins in everything: Speed, Support, Resources, Features, Pricing as well as Uptime period. I have been with A2 Hosting since 2013 and I don't think I'm ever leaving. While other web hosts are okay, average or good, A2 Hosting is great, awesome, excellent! I completely recommend them and you too, should...

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